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January 18th, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Michigan, March 14, 1968

As the son of a fifth generation American from a small farm town in New York, and a World War II political refugee from Eastern Europe, and I have so thoroughly embedded the hopes of the United States that most of the time I’m unaware of it. But I am completely the result of a special place.

And every once in a while a too rare time comes up, and this Martin Luther King Day, combined with the unspeakable tragedy in Haiti have risen to remind me.

As close readers and friends are well aware I’m from the liberal/progressive side of America, and for many years I often suppressed my consciousness of the great opportunities our people have. Not anymore. When I worked for Ted Turner he wouldn’t close his company on MLK Day, for some unknown reason, and my irritation morphed into a clear, passion for what he represented to all of us. Every since then, I’ve have a growing pride in our country, without at all forsaking my political and policy views. Thank goodness.

I’m rarely so public about my views; we’re in the cartoon business, not advocacy. But today I can’t help myself. While we’re having the day off in America, take a minute for reflection. We’ve got a great deal going, yes?

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