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No. “Meth” is his name.

April 30th, 2010

Frederator Postcards Series 9.9
Frederator Postcards Series 9.9, mailed April 30, 2010

My wife saw a cartoon of Dan Meth’s on the internet and urged me to get in touch; it was funny, so I did. Soon Dan was ensconced at Frederator/NY working on web commercials for his clients while we figured out something to do together. He started working on a segment for one of our Random! cartoons and he presented the idea of his own shorts show. After I said no ($10,000,000 for one creator?) he explained he wanted to do internet minutes, not seven minutes for television and we were a go. Even though he sat 20 feet away, I wanted to give him room to make his films so I didn’t see any finished pieces until he’d done about 10 or so. 50,000,000 views, and James Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sid Barrett, and Barry Jordan later, he clearly took great advantage of the room.

From the postcard back:

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History of Frederator Studios
The Meth Minute 39
Created by Dan Meth

Series 9.9

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