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May 28th, 2010

Frederator Postcards Series 9.13
Frederator Postcards Series 9.13, mailed May 28, 2010

When I started Frederator, the slogan “Original Cartoons since 1998″ was a bit of a joke (it was 1998, after all), but there weren’t too people who believed an indie cartoon company could survive with a mission to bring creators with true vision to the top of the pops. But I was pretty cocky from our experience at Hanna-Barbera with the first modern shorts incubator, What A Cartoon!, where the big ideas of 48 creators most people had never heard of exploded into the world. And, of course, today those kids are the backbone of the world-class cartoon business.

12 years later, I think we’ve been able to live up to our motto, where films like Adventure Time are reinventing the cartoon future all over again. I’m really lucky to have been able to put together a company team (please tip your hats to Eric, Kevin, and Carrie) that’s still working with the great creators.

Thanks everyone.


From the postcard back:

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History of Frederator Studios
Adventure Time
A Random! Cartoons series
2010 - ?
Created by Pendleton Ward

Series 9.13

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