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Marc Chamlin: Behind the Scenes @ Frederator

October 23rd, 2010

Marc Chamlin

Kevin Kolde calls Frederator attorney¬†Marc Chamlin¬†the “King of Cartoons” in honor of his TV animation client list. But that only scratches the surface of his amazing career as the Chair of the TV Practice Group at Loeb & Loeb, one of America’s premiere law firms. Marc and I met when he was an associate at Phillips Nizer in 1983 and it sure didn’t occur to me we’d be traveling companions for over 25 years.

We’ve worked together through great successes and devastating failure, through my independence, corporate employment, and back again. No matter what the circumstance Marc’s been a loyal, inspiring presence, with smart advice and encouraging words. More importantly, he’s been the kind of person that keeps a producer grounded. Not the kind of lawyer who grinds the other side for every point and every penny, he’s a guy who feels like a negotiation’s been successful only when everyone at the table, on every side of an issue, feels like they’ve won.

I’m always skeptical when business people tell you that all of their work colleagues are “friends.” But, in the case of Marc Chamlin, one of the two most constant companions throughout my work life, we’ve definitely become friends. What a pleasure.

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