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November 14th, 2010

419 Park Avenue South, #807, November 2005
419 Park Avenue South #807
Frederator moved into its current New York digs on Park Avenue South in the winter of 2006. And now, almost five years later we’re moving down the block to 21st Street.

New address:
Frederator Studios
22 West 21st Street (between 5th & Avenue of the Americas)
10th floor
New York City 10010

Carrie Miller’s been doing all the hard work of packing us up and arranging the actual move (partly done last week, the rest this week), but, I thought you might want to chart some of the progress in pictures yourselves.

A lot went on in this space, with over 100 people working in and out of the place over the years. Animation folks are most familiar with Dan Meth’s projects, The Meth Minute 39 and Nite Fite. But, we’ve also incubated a number of other projects and businesses, notably Next New Networks, Ed Levine’s  Serious Eats, and David Karp’s tumblr. It’s been an amazing ride, and I got more out of hanging out with all of these smart, talented thinkers than you can imagine.

As a parting shot, I thought I’d (partially) answer something we’re often asked about. That is, exactly what are 104 pictures (by count of Time Out New York; we’ve been too busy to notice) on the walls. So, here’s a photo taken from the same angle as our first one (above), and below it, the key to the art. (And, for those wondering, yes, the hanging red cubes are coming along with us.)

419 Park Avenue South, #807, November 12, 2010419 Park Avenue South #807

office key

1. Photograph: Earl “Fatha” Hines by Dennis Stock
2. Animation cel set-up: Dexter’s Laboratory by Genndy Tartakovsky
3. Wubbzy Ride-alongs
4. Poster: Bob Dylan by Tony Clough
5. Poster: Frederator 10th Anniversary by Adams-Morioka
6. Poster: 2008 Election by Yee-Haw Industries
7. Paintings: rough comprehensives for Oh Yeah! Cartoons by Todd Frederiksen
8. Painting: Tim Biskup
9. Photograph: John Coltrane (cover, Blue Train) by Francis Wolff
10. Animation layout: Tom & Jerry by Hanna & Barbera
11. Blackboard: Pink Panther
12. Poster: My Life as a Teenage Robot (by Rob Renzetti, designed by Jill Friemark) launch
13. Sculpture: Fredbot by Frank Olinsky
14. Bowling Ball: The Fairly Oddparents by Butch Hartman
15. Posters: hundreds of them
16. Animation sericel: Mike Fontanelli for Spumcø
17. Animation production cel set-up: Lupo the Butcher by Danny Antonucci
18. Photograph: Sonny Rollins (cover, Sonny Rollins Volume 2) by Francis Wolff
19. Lamp: The Fairly Oddparents by Butch Hartman
20. Totem pole: The Fairly Oddparents by Butch Hartman
21. Poster: ChalkZone (by Bill Burnett & Larry Huber) wrap party, by Hatch Show Print, Nashville, Tennessee
22. Monoprint: Bill Monroe, by Jim Sherraden, Hatch Show Print, Nashville, Tennessee
23. Poster: “The Future is Now!”, Rosie the Robot (Jetsons), in-house Hanna-Barbera meeting

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