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A question for you.

December 19th, 2007


I’m hoping you could answer a question.

About ten days ago, I mumbled something in of one of the RAW Art Today! posts about starting a magazine featuring great artwork from the art galleries on Channel Frederator RAW (tentatively titled “Cartoon Central on the Internet”). The more we’ve talked about it the cooler the idea seems. Reading an article about the photography magazine JPG the other day sealed the deal. We’re going to start prepping now; maybe we can get it going by March? (Start saving those full resolution files; we’ll be calling).

JPG organizes their magazine around themes posted on their website, and their readers submit their best appropriate photographs: Nostalgia, Geometry, Color Theory, Creepy, Loneliness, etcetera, etcetera; the magazine curates the best of the best. It makes perfect sense, giving each issue an organizing principle and a vibe.

But themes also work against my natural lack of discipline, anarchistic tendencies, and my hopes for the explosion of surprise.

What do you think? Do we ask for thematic submissions? Or is it better for you to keep uploading your latest stuff, or your favorites from your archives?

Let us know, it’ll help us make some early decisions.

Frederator postcards Series 6.1.2

November 22nd, 2007

Frederator Postcards

This postcard won’t be mailed out.

You’ve been invited to join Channel Frederator RAW, our popular cartoon social network, twice already. But, believe it or not, everyone in the worldwide animation community doesn’t read Frederatorblogs! So I thought we’d go to where they are. Hence, this promotional postcard that we’ll leave when we visit schools, festivals, and studios.

Illustration by Ben Ross
Frederator Postcards

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My hero of the day.

November 14th, 2007

OK, so Ken Dickerman beat us to it in the cool sweepstakes. Thanks for making my day.


August 26th, 2007


Jettboy327 is one of the latest members at Channel Frederator RAW, our beta social network, and as he was complimenting us in a post he asked what we’re up to at Frederator Studios. Just answering him wore me out, and you all know most of this stuff, but I thought you all might be interested in the compilation in one place:

Thanks for the kind words Jettboy.

We’re kind of busy at everything right now, including getting RAW right and the http://channelfrederator.com]channel[/link] better. And:

• In two weeks we launch the first Frederator original web shorts series (on CF, of course) called The Meth Minute 39 (created by Dan Meth).

• Production (along with Project 51) is beginning on a series of 2 minute cartoon shorts based on the videogame Ape Escape.

• A screenplay is being written by famed comicbook writer Warren Ellis for our production (with Project 51) of Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse.

• We’re just starting the second season of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (created by Bob Boyle).

• In May, creator Butch Hartman began work on 20 more episodes of The Fairly Oddparents.

• And then, in June, we announced the formation of Frederator Films to make feature films.

Hmmm, there’s more, I think. Oh yes, we’re still struggling with Nickelodeon to get an airdate on our last shorts series Random! Cartoons.