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Wow! Four years!

May 26th, 2008

Amazing illustration made by Kiichi for this month from the New Jenny-San Calendar english site. XJ5 icon created by gashi-gashi. Via the Teenage Roblog.

Four years ago, my partner Emil Rensing suggested I start a blog when I asked him what we should do online for our (Oh Yeah! Cartoons spin off) series My Life as a Teenage Robot. “You’ll learn something,” he said.

Boy was he right. All the Frederator blogs, Channel Frederator, and Next New Networks are all the direct result of the learning, and of course, that’s been in addition to all the great series, movies, and shorts, the great talents have been working on with us during those years.

A particular shout out and thanks should go out to a few folks:

Rob Renzetti created MLaaTR in the first place, inspiring us to create the first blog.

Eric Homan took my challenge to get the thing going, and keep it going.

Scott Peterson, MLaaTR’s story editor, wrote the blog for a couple of years when the rest of us were too scared to try.

Wichobot is the loyal and talented fan who took over the Roblog when the series was over, and has kept it going with our great fans over the last couple of years. It’s better now than we ran it, and proves the complete value of community in the modern, interconnected world.

And, of course, most of all, our loyal fans and readers who have read, suggested, commented, contributed, complained, and supported all of our efforts during the last four years. Without you we would literally be nothing.

“My hat IS AWESOME” by n8tehbaghead

December 26th, 2007

My hat IS AWESOME by n8tehbaghead

And Adventure Time’s fan art continues. It’ AWESOME!!!

Thanks n8tehbaghead.

“woh” is right!

November 3rd, 2007

Pen Ward’s post about the plethora of Adventure Time fan created art had me in such awe I had to go looking for it myself. I eventually put together a gallery of over 100 images!

OK, so any show with fans is algebraic. Any show that inspires fans to draw or write stories is mathematical. But jeez, Adventure Time is one seven minute short. That’s never been on television. That’s been taken off of every major sharing site dozens of times.

My personal favorite? Too many to call, but I really like the earrings.

Pen Ward is an amazing filmmaker.

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