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The Frederator launch, 1997.

September 6th, 2010

Frederator Announcement flyer, January 1997

The other day, someone asked me about our original launch and I realized we’d never put our first poster on the blog.

Frederator started up in January 1997 (our first cartoons were released in 1998) with me and Stephanie Stephens in North Hollywood, California. Our first office was a conference room at a temporary location of Nickelodeon Animation, before their Burbank location was fully built.

My friend, designer/illustrator Arlen Schumer created the Fredbot with this amazing present he designed and illustrated for us. Patrick Raske did the coloring, then we silkscreened a batch and sent them out as a birth announcement.

Design and illustration: Arlen Schumer
Color: Patrick Raske

[Reprinted in the book Original Cartoon Posters from Frederator Studios]

PS: Eric Homan signed up in 1998, Kevin Kolde and Carrie Miller in 2005.

The Frederator New Year Poster 2008.

January 7th, 2008

Frederator New Year Poster 2008

Anyone who’s known me for just a little while knows I’ve got a jones for posters. So almost every year starting in 2002 I’ve commissioned a New Year’s poster from some of our favorite artists.

This year is a big one for Frederator. “Original Cartoons since 1998″ has been our slogan for a decade, as good excuse as any for a special poster.

This year’s –which we send out to some of our closest friends and associates– was designed by Los Angeles studio Adams-Morioka. Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka have been the graphic designers most associated with Frederator Studios from our founding in 1998. They’ve designed our logo, one of our coolest set of postcards, and the first annual Channel Frederator Awards program, among dozens of other ephemera. If all that wasn’t enough they’ve also authored a couple of must-have design books in the last couple of years. I’m flattered they agreed to design for us at this very special moment.

Happy New Year, everyone.