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Calarts and Maureen Furniss.

November 25th, 2008

Maureen Furniss and Fred Seibert

We all visit Calarts as often as possible since so many people we work with have attended. (The oldest graduate we’ve worked with graduated in 1964, the youngest in 2008). Eric usually makes it to their producers’ shows (I attend whenever it happens during my California trips) and we’ve met some of our favorite folks there.

Two weeks ago I made a long overdue return to Maureen Furniss‘ class. I told them a bit about Frederator Studios and my path into the cartoon business, answered a lot of their quesitons, and played Adventure Time. A good time was had by all. I hope.

At their house: The School of Visual Arts (SVA)

November 25th, 2008

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One of the highlights of my gig is visiting with college animation classes, and because I live in New York, I get the opportunity to hang at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) more often than some others. SVA is almost unique among schools because the entire faculty is made of up professionals in their given field, and no real full time teachers-only; they give a perspective that only working folks can have. Last week it was my annual trek to Lisa Goldman’s class, where she helps students prepare projects for selling to producers and networks. And yesterday, I spoke with Jim Arnoff’s senior class on getting ready to enter the professional world, along with Alice Cahn from Cartoon Network and Paula Rosenthal from Disney Playhouse. Thanks Lisa, and thanks Jim. As usual.

At the end of Jim’s class we all decided to have a little fun with my new Flip Video Mino HD, and I asked everyone in class to tape me a message (Arnoff’s the last guy). Check it out up above.

PS: And visiting art schools’ bathrooms is always fun:
School of Visual Arts bathroom