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May 21st, 2010

Frederator Postcards Series 9.12
Frederator Postcards Series 9.12, mailed May 21, 2010

The conventional wisdom at the networks had just about given up on original cartoon hits. But that was before our trademark-applied-for Frederator Cartoon Shorts System™ came back with Random! Cartoons and launched this mega-hit.

From the postcard back:

You are one of 200 people to receive this limited edition Frederator postcard!

History of Frederator Studios
Fanboy & Chum Chum
A Random! Cartoons series
2009 - ?
Created by Eric Robles

Series 9.12

Postcard ©2010, Bellport Cartoon Company. Fanboy & Chum Chum ©2010, Viacom Intl. All rights reserved.

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They only come out at nite.

May 7th, 2010

Frederator Postcards Series 9.10
Frederator Postcards Series 9.10, mailed May 7, 2010

The chronic bickersons Penalty and Lloyd had argued their way through a memorable short from The Meth Minute 39 and their show Nite Fite became a leading candidate for a series spin-off. The Digitas advertising agency’s John McCarus agreed, and rapidly found a major sponsor in MarsStarburst Candies, a first for Frederator Studios’ internet productions and distributor Next New Networks.

From the postcard back:


You are one of 200 people to receive this limited edition Frederator postcard

History of Frederator Studios
Nite Fite
A Meth Minute 39 series
Created by Dan Meth

Series 9.10

©2010, Bellport Cartoon Company.
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Series 8 in Black & White.

October 4th, 2009

Frederator Postcards Series 8.1
Frederator Postcard Series 8.1, mailed October 2, 2009

OK, we’re at it again. The 8th series of Frederator postcards goes in the mail this week, starting with a commemorative for the premiere of  Eric Robles’ Fanboy and Chum Chum, and continuing until around February. I won’t say much more about the series yet, other than to tell you how much I like the raw, black & white drawings that animation artists often start with on their projects.

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A big Frederator weekend.

May 1st, 2009

FREDERATOR_ROBOT by Eugene Mattos 2006
Fredbot illustrated by Eugene Mattos

Eric pointed out that we’ve got a jammed packed weekend of Frederator related TV events on Nickelodeon’s networks this weekend.

The Wubb Girlz

Friday kicks off at 1pm ET on Nick Jr. (and 7pm Sunday on Noggin) with the premiere of Wubb Idol, guest starring Beyoncé (yeah, who woulda thought?), the first original movie for Bob Boyle’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Wishology Weekend Poster

And Friday night, 8pm, the beginning of the Wishology event for Butch Hartman’s The Fairly Oddparents.

And that’s not all. Tomorrow at 3pm you also get (big sob, bigger tears) the absolute end of Rob Renzetti’s My Life as a Teenage Robot.

So give us some love this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Doin’ the mess around.*

August 25th, 2008

1996 Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Calendar

Boy, did I mess this one up. Not the calendar, the series: The Real Jonny Quest. I take full responsibility for all the bungling.

We tried to do the right thing, at least we got a very cool calendar. Sorry fans, seriously.

*With apologies to Ahmet Ertegun & Ray Charles

Frederator presents.

August 5th, 2008

Frederator Studios Development Presentation from fredseibert on Vimeo.

It doesn’t seem possible, but the networks don’t just beat a path to Frederator begging us for shows. Our team works hard behind the scenes, often for years at a time, to convince folks that our creators’ series deserve a shot. The creators write elaborate presentation pieces to give executives an idea of what’s in store for characters and stories in a series, and they go in person often to get everyone comfortable with what will be eventually a very expensive investment totally sometimes in the hundreds of millions.A few weeks ago we contracted with one of my favorite directors, Jon Kane of Optic Nerve in New York (sometimes better known as the DJ behind FischerSpooner) to put together a video for some of our current presentations. Whenever I work with Jon it makes me wonder how I can lure him into cartoons.

Thanks Dave.

June 30th, 2008

Dave Levy, the talented director, author, and President of ASIFA-East, gave The Meth Minute 39 a great send-off, screening, and Q&A, the other night here in New York. He wrote about it kindly today on his blog, and we’ve got a few pictures from the screening here. We were all thrilled that so many of the cast and crew could make it over and see themselves on the big screen. Thanks Dave, thanks ASIFA-East, thanks everyone.


Wow! Four years!

May 26th, 2008

Amazing illustration made by Kiichi for this month from the New Jenny-San Calendar english site. XJ5 icon created by gashi-gashi. Via the Teenage Roblog.

Four years ago, my partner Emil Rensing suggested I start a blog when I asked him what we should do online for our (Oh Yeah! Cartoons spin off) series My Life as a Teenage Robot. “You’ll learn something,” he said.

Boy was he right. All the Frederator blogs, Channel Frederator, and Next New Networks are all the direct result of the learning, and of course, that’s been in addition to all the great series, movies, and shorts, the great talents have been working on with us during those years.

A particular shout out and thanks should go out to a few folks:

Rob Renzetti created MLaaTR in the first place, inspiring us to create the first blog.

Eric Homan took my challenge to get the thing going, and keep it going.

Scott Peterson, MLaaTR’s story editor, wrote the blog for a couple of years when the rest of us were too scared to try.

Wichobot is the loyal and talented fan who took over the Roblog when the series was over, and has kept it going with our great fans over the last couple of years. It’s better now than we ran it, and proves the complete value of community in the modern, interconnected world.

And, of course, most of all, our loyal fans and readers who have read, suggested, commented, contributed, complained, and supported all of our efforts during the last four years. Without you we would literally be nothing.

Meet the Composer: Mike Reagan

May 13th, 2008

MIke Reagan

Mike Reagan, aside from his various film (Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday or Elmo in Grouchland), TV, and videogame projects, has been our honored composer on Ape Escape Cartoons and the 52 episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. He came by the studio the other day and was telling me about the trés cool set up he’s put together for the music on Ape, and rather than my explaining it to you, I thought I’d let Mike do the honors himself:

I am having a BUH-LAST writing the music for Ape Escape! Working with Kevin Kolde and Karl Torge has really challenged me in the best way possible - really getting to stretch my muscles in this series. Their knowledge of music is pretty wide - we’re just a bunch of big kids doing what makes us laugh - it’s just fantastic. They introduced me to the world of Hoyt Curtin, Les Baxter, Bert Kaempfert and so many other great composers - music I’ve heard all my life, just hadn’t taken the time to really crawl inside it.

Each episode is pretty fast paced, with many twists and turns - so there’s just a ton of music to write. Everything from themes to accentuate the stupidity of some characters, to writing music in the style of Bernhard Kaun for the Frankenstein monster episode or 50’s style montages… the list goes on and on. Glad you liked the Frankenstein episode!

MIke Reagan

To quickly access each theme, I’ve created a system using pictures on a USB device that’s essentially 128 buttons that you can assign to just about anything. So, I basically save markers in Logic for each theme, then assign a series of key commands to a single button to grab what I’m hearing in my head and paste it at the right spot. After 18 episodes I’ve got over 40 buttons programmed right now, but there’s room for 128. I’m going to do the same thing for Wubbzy - get another box of 128 buttons and start organizing themes in the same way. For the pictures, I search through the Ape Escape quicktime movies and capture the screen shot that’s most appropriate for each theme. Specter, Jimmy, Nathalie, Monkeys, and Professor are the main themes, so there’s different (and multiple) pictures for them, but there are also montages, falls, stings, sinister themes, location based music like Paris, Hospital waiting room, Vegas, etc… that get pictures on their buttons, too. For instance, there’s a Paris love theme that has a picture of the Iefell Tower, and the barnyard / Turkey in the Straw tunes have pictures of a chicken.

MIke Reagan

It’s so much faster associating a piece of music with a thumbnail picture as opposed to remembering a marker number or a folder path… this keeps the creativity at the forefront, and the math and memorization on another planet.

To quote Napoleon Dynamite’s brother Kip:
“…I still love Technology, always and forever”

What a job!

February 22nd, 2008

Eric Robles’ job, that is. Mine too. My phone snapped this shot in Eric’s Fanboy office in Burbank the other day. What a great place to visit.