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Good to go!

May 14th, 2011

conan-obrien-thumbs-up-03.jpegWe’re over it. Frederator internets and all our blogs are stable on tumblr over at Frederator.comOur blog archive is still public back to 2005 (older posts yet are here.) Thanks for your patience.

(If you’d like a little further explanation about the whys and wherefores of our move, just click.)

A little instability.

April 9th, 2011

I know we’ve threatened this before, but there’s going to be a little instability in all of our breathtaking cartoon news over the next week or so while we transition Frederator Blogs over to the tumblr platform. We’ll fill you in on the details (and problems) when the process is done, but for now, forgive us.

Update, May 2011: We’ve completed our changes. For a little more explanation, just click here.

tumblr founder David Karp, our bud.

February 25th, 2011

I joined tumblr at the beginning, before then really, since founder David Karp was our high school intern in 2001 and then set up his developer business at Frederator/NY in 2006. And, Adventure Time fans have followed us over there. Obviously, they’ve spread through the world like a wildfire, growing to the 40th largest site on the internet.

Interestingly, at least to readers of this blog, there’s not all that much cartoon action on tumblr. At least, to my taste, not enough. We do our best with Adventure Time, Fanboy & Chum Chum, and the rest of our action, but it still doesn’t come anywhere near what happens there in fashion, illustration, or just plain ‘art.’

Anyhow, all of this chatter was just an excuse to post the longest video interview I’ve seen with David. (Thanks for the shout out at the end buddy.)

Frederator’s “…Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.”

August 4th, 2010

Tumblr on the cover of Time Out New York
Tumblr is the coolest place to work in New York.

Inside of three years our friend David Karp has built tumblr into one of the top 50 sites on the internet (”…it is adding 25,000 new accounts daily, and each month it serves up 1.5 billion page views,” says The New York Times, *and* it’s the coolest place to work, says Time Out New York. “… and it’s run by just a dozen employees.”

And Frederator’s artwork got to help, yes? “The office is shared with and rented from legendary animation producer Fred Seibert, a mentor of Karp’s—that’s his badass art collection on the walls. “When I first walked in here the space just blew me away,” says editorial director Christopher Price (topherchris.com). “It’s Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.”

Congratulations to David, and everyone over at tumblr, who help us at Frederator everyday.

Tumblr rocks on.

April 20th, 2010

Our friends at tumblr have worked incredibly hard and well deserve their next level, a third round of funding from their main venture capital partners.

I’ve been involved with founder David Karp since he came to Frederator/NY as a high school intern. He went on to build our first blogging platform and invent Channel Frederator before renting a corner of our office to build tumblr. I joined their board at its inception, and there no way for me to describe how great it feels to work with these folks.

Go tumblr!