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October 26th, 2008

Victor The Delivery Dog 
“Victor the Delivery Dog” title sequence, by Niki Yang

Well, not really. But ever since I got into the cartoon business the classic way of introducing a short animated film keeps animating me.

In anticipation of our belated debut of the Random! Cartoons shorts (December 6 on Nicktoons, in case you were wondering), I just posted 31 of the title card sequences over on our site. (Yes, there are 39 different shorts, but some of the sequences are animated, some just haven’t made their way to me yet.) Most of them were designed and illustrated by the shorts’ individual creators. I think you’ll enjoy the wide range of approaches they’ve taken as much as we do.

And as a bonus, here are some frame grabs from our original shorts program, What A Cartoon!, from before I was smart enough to save the original artwork.

Frederator Postcard Series 6.22

September 8th, 2008


Mailed the week of September 1, 2008

They swear to us it’s coming soon. Really. 

Random! Cartoons logo designed by Michael Lapinski
Inspired by Darron Moore

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“Time Is On Your Side (Yes It Is)”

September 1st, 2008

Dave Levy (right) with Bill Plympton, Drinking & Drawing,
Platform Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, June 2007

David Levy, aside from being a talented director and artist, and aside from being the latest longtime President of ASIFA-East, has proven himself to be one of the best observers of the animation biz. He’s written the only useful, smart, and well written book I’ve seen on working in the industry,  Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive (disclaimer: a few thoughts of mine are quoted). He teaches a senior course at New York’s SVA about getting employed, which consistently gets high grades from students year after year. And he’s living, successful, proof of his tireless boosterism of the New York City professional animation scene.

And, this week on his year old blog, Animondays, he writes another intelligent, cogent, and, yes, well written, piece (if self deprecating) on what it means to make a personal animated film. I wish some more people in the Hollywood animation industry would take his conclusions to heart.

Carlos, is that you?

August 28th, 2008

I was ‘following’ on my tumblr dashboard and was about to reblog this image when I spied our friend Carlos Ramos peeking out of the upper left corner. Wassup with that?

What day is that?

August 20th, 2008

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Calendar

Whenever I get a little free time (like now, on vacation) I pull crap off of my shelves and scan it for posterity. Like these two Hanna-Barbera Cartoons calendars from the 90s (I posted 1995 on last summer’s vacation).

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Calendar

Over the years I’ve collected all sorts of stuff that have pop culture images printed on them (skateboards, glasses, calendars, et cetera) and when I got to Hanna-Barbera it seemed to me the studio was in need of some image repair. Calendars were my obsession of that moment, so we put together some incredible design talent and photographers (SpotCo and Mark Hill for 1994, HB in-house talent in 1995) and spiffed ourselves up a little.

Oh Yeah! Jon Kane!

August 6th, 2008

Find more videos like this on Channel Frederator RAW

Jon Kane and I have worked together for a way long time, and I’m honored whenever I’m lucky enough to get his attention for one of our, ahem, efficiently priced jobs. So it was in 1998 when we were launching Oh Yeah! Cartoons and I thought it would be great to package it with a different vibe than other cartoon show. Calling Kane!

Jon’s company Optic Nerve was one of the leading commercial production shops in New York. Jon conceived the spots, [Read more…]

Paul Young in the house.

July 21st, 2008

Fred & Paul Young
It was great to see Paul Young, Cartoon Saloon founder, Skunk Fu executive producer, when he stopped by to visit Frederator/NY last week. Cartoon Saloon and Paul were honored by the Prime Minister of Ireland last week, invited as part of an Irish business contingent to ring in the New York Stock Market. Keep your eyes open for their feature debut, Brendan and the Secret of Kells.

Time’s right for Fite-ing.

July 18th, 2008


Those in the know know that the first season of Dan Meth and Mark Vitelli’s Nite Fite launched yesterday after a  feverishly hard working spring of production. That’s right, the first spin-off of the much heralded and massively popular The Meth Minute 39, it’s the first animated talk show on the web. And one a sponsorship from Starburst candy, a major coup. I wanted to shout out a lot of the folks who’ve helped get us going. It’s a much bigger group than you’d imagine for 20 shorts, with not only Frederator in the mix, but online networks, a major corporate sponsor, and dozens of distributors, so settle in. (And when I miss anyone, please let me know so I can update my mistakes.)

Dan Meth & Mark Vitelli. Dan and Mark created and wrote Nite Fite. Thanks guys, for your great show.

I know you know Dan from The Meth Minute 39 (and his site and blog) as an animator of rare distinction, but you also know Mark through his work on MM39; he’s not only the sound designer for most all of Dan’s cartoons, but is a trusted creative advisor as well. The guys write all the episodes in the studio (Dan writes the sponsorhip spots back at our studio), and Mark takes their rantings and ravings and tightens them up to a full ka-pow of funniness before Dan and his crew get hold for the animation.

Carrie Miller. Indefatigable Carrie has produced The Meth Minute 39 as well Nite Fite. And I can say, with feeling, no one could have survived the process without her. Not only big smarts and schedules, but charm, good humor, and diplomacy –least of all needed with her Frederator colleagues– have charged Carrie’s work all the way through.

The animation team. For the first time in our New York studio, Dan and Carrie have put together a crack crew of animators and artists to help us reach our creative peaks and deadlines. Dagan Moriarty, Daisy Edwards, Adam Rosette, and Al Pardo are not only talented, but great companions to have in the studio.

Mike Glenn. We don’t really see Mike that often because he works the night shift in the post production dungeon, but he’s been our packaging editor, and dependable rock, throughout all of Dan’s projects here.

Kevin Kolde, Eric Homan, and Roy Langbord.  And Angie Polk. Kevin and Eric work primarily on our Hollywood based projects, but they’ve been amazing supporters of Dan’s and Carrie’s. Kevin particularly, as we worked out way out of garage style production. And Roy, our attorney and advisor, saves us from ourselves. Angie’s my assistant in NY, but so much more for everyone.

And over at Next New Networks, our distributor, promoter, and boosters nonpareil.

George Stewart runs media sales and has been a MM39 believer from the beginning.  He introduced us to our early champion, Digitas’ John McCarus who, in turn, roped in more of his colleagues that I can mention (don’t hate me for not including the whole list, it’s a lot of great folks), to believe in Dan and his characters.

Digitas brought along our sponsor, Starburst candies, which is part of the unbelievably big Mars Incorporated. I only mention their size, because it was a real leap of faith on everyone’s part to be part of Nite Fite and Next New Networks, and for everyone who took the leap, we salute and thank you. (And, you should check out Penalty and Lloyd on Starburst’s site. It not only looks awesome over there, but there’s a bunch of other cool goodies too.)

Rachel Garcia is also in NNN media sales, and it would be hard to properly explain how much she’s done to keep this project on track without making her blush or making her collapse from exhaustion looking over the looooong list of things she’s accomplished for us. But, I should highlight that hand in hand with Sarah Passe at Digitas, were we able to keep the magic group of 20 informed and happy with all our creative work over these last few hectic months.

Tim Shey is one of the NNN founders and runs programming at the company.  He’s been an indomitable spirit guiding the NNN-ers through the programming, promotion, and distribution of the Nite Fite series. “I’m with Penalty!” “Well, I’m with Lloyd!”

Scott Moschella and Jeaux Janovsky run  the Next New side of Channel Frederator and Nite Fite. They’re internet geeks to top all IG, and work out all the wherefores of how the MM39’s and NF’s find their way throughout our communities and beyond. Jeaux has personal relationships throughout the internet cartoon universe, and keeps them all stoked about everything Dan creates. Scott’s worked closely with Tim, YouTube, and everyone else here to get the NF site where it needs to be. Vanessa Pappas now runs the entertainment team, and her brains are going to guide us through this first season better than any of the rest of us ever could.

Diane deCordova heads up the super-distribution strategy and team COO Jed Simmons put together and was responsible for the 20,000,000 views the MM39 has garnered this year. From Veoh to YouTube to Break to UGO to to to to to… the list goes on. We’re super because of you, thanks guys.

Andres Palmiter is the Next New Networks secret sauce. His daily contacts with the distribution partners around the world are key to super-distribution success. The fact that he’s personally so in love with Dan’s work isn’t a small thing either.

The developer team of Paul Blakey, Todd Morningstar, Alex Milyavskiy, run by Marc Goldberg, is always happy and unarguing when asked impossible things by everyone.

I’m not neglecting Lee Rubenstein or Graham Smith or Jeremy Kutner for their site contributions (and, of course, so much more).

Justin Johnson’s promos. Can I really compliment him any more than I have? And Alan Kaufman?

There’s a few dozen other NNN’s too, and in different ways big and small they’ve all been important to the launch of Nite Fite. The order of thanks isn’t meant to slight anyone, but truly, thanks Liam, Herb, Emil, Michelle, Patty, Erik, Lindsey, Michael, Ramon, Erin, Ian, Max, Dustin, Corinne, Rob, Mary, Steve, Donny, Ben, Ben, Jared, Gene, Charlie, Pete.

Go Eric!

June 22nd, 2008

Character Animation Crash Course!

You can’t go wrong with Eric Goldberg!

(via Amid Amidi, Cartoon Brew)


June 18th, 2008

Brandy Tuchman, Fred Seibert and Avi Tuchman

Avi Tuchman’s been our loyal intern and colleague for over two years now, working at whatever high or low task we’ve asked him to perform, and quite a few he came up with on his own too (that Ultra & the Lazer Hearts Bat Blaster! game rocked, yes?). His love of all things cartoons and web have completely captivated us, and we all put on a smile whenever he comes in to work. So when we got the call that his Mom and Dad wanted to throw him a surprise high school graduation/goodbye to NY party (he’ll be traveling abroad for year before starting college at SVA) we all enthusiastically agreed. 25 or 30 Frederator/NY and Next New Networks folk came around to an incredible catered lunch yesterday (I did say “incredible,” right?) and warmly wished Avi well on his new life’s journey.

I shouldn’t really say goodbye yet though. Avi will be interning with Eric Homan at Frederator/Hollywood for a few weeks in July, and he assures me he’ll be close enough to a computer during the year to work on some stuff for us if we want him to. Want him to?! We wouldn’t have him really say goodbye for the world.
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