November 3rd, 2005


The turnaround is the current rough model on Handycat. I did 800 drawings of cats or cat parts (I counted ‘em - how crazy is that?) in search of something that fit the personality we envision. This could either be considered dedicated creative diligence or creative floundering. And it feels worth it as we’re zeroing in on something. This week found us officially starting production and starting the process of dismantling the old Ink & Paint room and turning it into a story room. It’s been a long time since we pinned individual sketches up and mixed and matched and played and added and deleted and it’s kind of fun. We’re excited about working on this project - being reunited with Larry Huber and Fred and working with Eric and Melissa and Claudia and Kevin… and that’s just for starters. I particularly want to thank Fred for the mentoring he’s provided me over the past year or so. It is hugely appreciated. Today, in addition to storyboard revisions, Russ and I took a lunchtime walk through autumn leaves on a 70 degree day - and later, bickered about how tall Handycat was supposed to be. ~Brian

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Sigh. The ol’ Ink & Paint room is going? All that paint I mixed and re-mixed and mixed again… It was fun, but I’m so glad you guys have gone the way of the computer! Can’t wait to see your new work way out here in Seattle.

Blog on!

Signed, Big Fan (and always willing to do a voice or two…)


Hmmm, Handycat reminds me of our “Little St. Nick” the big guy;) Keep up the good work.

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