Hi! From Indy!

November 4th, 2005


Hi, I�m Russ Harris � And we�ll be producing �Handycat� from our home studio here in Indianapolis. (As an interesting side note - if you look closely at the fly-over shots in the new CBS show Close To Home, set in Indianapolis, you can see our building!!! Well, sort of…almost…well.. no, not really at all…that�s the DMV…never mind.) Anyway, enough about location, let talk about cartoons� And how excited we are to be a part of the OY! Team!

Well, it all started with Brian�s pitch in April to the Frederator folks of our proposed short entitled �MyCrobes.� Before the pitch even started, Larry Huber walked in and said, �Hey! MyCrobes is the same name as my short!� Oh well… you know what they say about great minds…. Anyway, after the pitch, everyone agreed that our MyCrobes concept wasn�t quite right. So back to the Indiana drawing board, or in my case, the blank computer screen, hoping to come up with that something different! We knocked around some ideas and finally zeroed in on �Handycat� � a cat who�s a maladroit handyman.

Brian pitched �Handycat� in August, and shortly thereafter we heard from Eric saying they wanted to make the short. We, of course, were ecstatic.

Our re-pitch of the board will be in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we�ve incorporated all the great ideas the Frederator and Nick folks came up with. (Thanks Larry Huber, Eric Homan and Claudia Spinelli! You really know your stuff!)

We�ll record the track in L.A., and then bring it to our home studio in Indianapolis to produce. Hopefully through the blog, you�ll get to know us a little better, meet the actors, animators and other the artists that will bring �Handycat� to life. Some of the production crew will be on site at our facility, some we�ll be other places, connected via uploads, downloads and overloads. (Okay, so I�m not the technical guy.)

Anyway! We�re very delighted to be in such fine company! Thank you Fred and all the Frederator/Nickelodeon gang!

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Hey now, just how tall is Mr. Handycat afterall;) Can’t wait to see him “live” on the screen!


Hello Deboreeno! We’re not exactly sure how tall Handycat is. In his cartoon world Handycat is definitely short; however, he is tall enough to drive his quasi normal-sized cartoon truck to get from job to job.
Thanks for the question! We’ll post more pictures soon!


Hi Russ! Welcome aboard! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us! Looking forward to it :)


Thanks Aliki.


The photo makes it look like you guys are in the tall building next to the Bank One Tower…



Thanks Bob. I guess it does…but we’re not. Our building is in the blue area of the photo.


You should have let everybody think your in the giant building.
Illusion is everything.
Cool blog. Can’t wait to see handycat.



Hey, it’s Anita and Larry’s daughter, Haley. Yes, from Gaslight. :) Looks like it will be awesome! (Note to self: Convince Dad to get cable)


Thanks Haley! Brian and I will work on your dad too!


How current is your “Handycat” blog. I would love to lunch with you & Brian soon………….. Reply

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