November 7th, 2005

AUGH! So, last week, I posted on this and thought I was including a picture, which I wasn’t. So, I added another post with the picture. Then, later, it became apparent that I could actually EDIT things here, and I could combine the two posts. So, I did it. What I didn’t realize is that there were at least three responses to the post I deleted when I put the picture in the first one. I didn’t even get to read them. Russ did. He said they were from Fred, Melissa and Momala - so thanks to all three of you.


This is Drillbit. He’s Handycat’s dog. He brings up a couple of thoughts about creativity and how capricious it can sometimes be. Russ thought of the name, but since he thought of it, he also second guessed himself, wondering if anyone would ever associate it with the dog as opposed to the power tool accessory. SInce I didn’t think of it, I embraced it immediately. Seemed perfectly appropriate to me. Could be a power tool accessory - could be a dog. 50-50. Until this weekend. Saturday, I was helping my friend, David, put an electrical outlet into another friend’s house, which called for drilling through drywall and old lath. Every time David would say something about needing a drillbit, all I could think of was the dog!

Remember when I said I did 800 drawings of Handycat and he’s still evolving? Well, Drillbit just sort of appeared in the first drawing, and hasn’t changed much since. He’s cute, easy and fun to draw and (in my judgement) doesn’t look like every other dog ever done. Who could ask for anything more? ~ Brian

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Great character designs! But I’m curious, how does a show get pitched from Indianapolis to L.A.? Have you guys worked with Nick before?


I love him! He is so cute, and I love his name :)


Well, I am loving these two little guys! I am especially fond of Drillbit and I do think the name is great. Can’t wait to read more…

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