The Handycat Repitch

November 10th, 2005


Handycat knows that every self-respecting handyman should arrive in a very professional looking truck. Though it�s used, and the hand-lettering on the side was no doubt done by him, he knows it helps him make that lasting impression! Handycat is new to the business, so you may not have seen his truck in your neighborhood yet ….Maybe for the sake of your property, that�s not such a bad thing!

The Repitch - As a result of the notes we got from the Frederator and Nick folks regarding the storyboard, Brian and I spend a good amount of time last week just talking over the changes we needed to make. Dreaming up alternative funny scenes, suggesting new dialogue, and trying to create humorous situations isn�t always easy � but it sure is fun. I love to laugh and many mornings lately, that�s a lot of what we�ve been doing � and yes, some of it has even made it into the revised storyboard.

This week, we find ourselves busily installing those revisions for the re-pitch of the board. I�ve been spending my mornings pinning it up, cutting it apart, changing this and that and trying to look at it like I�ve never seen it before. After I�m fairly satisfied, I call Brian in for a look-see. If he likes it also, he adds his �two cents,� redraws it and turns it in to something presentable.

The place I really labor over at this point is the character personalities and dialogue. I find myself declaring: �HC wouldn�t say that!� or �Drillbit is a dog-dog! He wouldn�t do that!� We don�t have all the answers yet, but we continually strive to keep HC and Drillbit �on track� and FUNNY!

Next week we�ll go to LA to re-pitch the board. That�ll be fun! Hopefully, we�ll get to meet with some of the other Oh Yeah! Creators and talk cartoons!

~ Russ

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Awesome! The silliness is what makes everything worthwhile.


Thanks Anne. You couldn’t be more right.


did u guys send ur pitches in by recording on tape?


Further to my other reply: The “MyCrobes” pitch was made at the Frederator Studios in Los Angeles, too.


Thanks for the question Stephen. We set a meeting, and my business partner Brian pitched the Handycat cartoon in person at the Frederator Studios in Los Angeles.


I have a quesiton about pitching. Did u just put on the storyboard what u thought was important and or how u imagined certain things to be? or did u make the storyboard like a basic comic book for the cartoon? Im ready to make the storyboard and dont know how exactly to make it. I appreciate all your time!


Thanks Stephen. On our original pitch, we storyboarded a panel for nearly every scene of the cartoon


I just reread my reply. Our 60 page storyboard actually came out to about 180 panels

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