Reporting From Bee-you-tee-full Burbank

November 21st, 2005


The photo above is the Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank. Fun, huh? Each of the Oh Yeah! creators hopes to see their own characters on top of that building one day too!

Brian and I arrived in LA on Tuesday. On Wednesday we headed over to the Oh Yeah! offices to re-pitch the Handycat storyboard. Most of the changes were successful and helped to smooth out the story and characters; however in some areas, we over-fixed. Those scenes are being pulled back into line and re-inserted into the storyboard so that it can be forwarded on to the network for a final approval. Hopefully, everything will be okay, and we can get back to work on the art and character designs. We�ll be concentrating on that this week.

While at the Oh Yeah! offices, we also met with Meredith Layne, our casting supervisor, to start the process of finding the right voice for Handycat and the other characters in the short. Larry Huber, our executive producer, suggested a very special veteran of the industry for a cameo voice. That would be completely awesome, if we can make that work out! (More later.)

On a non-production issue - Eric Homan pointed out early on, that by producing the cartoon in Indianapolis we were going to be missing out on all the free Oh Yeah! donuts. He was right! And since he steadfastly refused to ship them to us, we tried to make up for it on this trip!

Here�s Brian in the Oh Yeah! kitchen securing his share.

I was more elusive, so this pic of me is at the Indianapolis studio.

That�s all I got for now.

It was good to see all of the Oh Yeah staffers and to say �hi� to many of the other creators.

We�ll be posting more art soon — stay tooned!


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It was great meeting you guys! Can’t wait to see more Handycat goodness…

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