November 23rd, 2005


Random thoughts over the past week… A week ago today, we pitched the revised board and got a few notes which we brought back to Indianapolis and implimented. The board is in Nick hands for final notes and Standards and Practices notes.

The trip to California was great. It was wonderful to be going there having already gotten the gig. Usually when I travel, it’s all about selling something which can be stressful - and lonely. It was fun having Russ there, too. We got the chance to meet some of the other creators and I really enjoyed that. I like the sense of community that is fostered in this whole project. One of the great things about visiting in California, is that the whole cartoon business seems a lot more real. There’s actually money in it! Some of the time, we feel kind of alone out here in Indiana - and I for one, sometimes feel like “little boys playing” rather than doing “serious work.” A visit to Burbank usually puts that to rest for a while.

Meredith Layne has been supplying us with voice demos and we’re looking to have a couple of actors read for the Handycat role the first week of December. Meanwhile, its “back to the drawing board” on the Handycat model. Drillbit is pretty much set, but Handycat is still in a state of flux - though I think I’m onto something right now.

This past weekend, I went to see “Bugs Bunny on Broadway” which was inspiring to say the least. For those unfamiliar with it, they project a bunch of Warner Bros. cartoons on the big screen and an orchestra - in this case, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - perform the scores for about half of them. We have a superb orchestra and they perform in the Circle Theatre, which was appropriately originally built as a movie palace. I actually got tears in my eyes when the orchestra started playing the music for the opening Warner Bros. logo. The audience (which was packed and there were three performances) broke into cheers, which gave me cold chills. I wonder what Carl Stalling and Milt Franklyn would have thought of so much “hoop de la” being made out of their work? Chuck Jones daughter, Linda, was there, and ironically enough, came in on the same flight as Russ and I. Listening to that theater full of people laughing at those cartoons reminded me of why I do this work - and that it is important work - and fun, too.


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Heck yeah! I know the feeling–it doesn’t feel like going to work, just going off to play for 8 hours…and somehow, the bills get paid. :P

Drillbit is adorable! Can’t wait to see the new Handycat designs. Have a great holiday!


Thanks, Anne. It was great to meet you.


way koooooooool. can’t wait!

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