New Improved Model with a Voice

December 6th, 2005


I’ve spent quite a bit of time reworking the Handycat model, trying a little of everything and never being quite happy. I had a kind of breakthrough though last Friday when we listened to the voice auditions over the speakerphone, us in Indianapolis and everyone else in Burbank. Hearing those actors read helped me zero in where I think the cat needs to be visually.

We chose Rob Paulsen to be Handycat and are delighted with what he’s bringing to our picture. Rob has done a ton of superb work as can be seen if you take a look at his website at www.robpaulsen.com

We’re looking forward to the recording session which looks to be taking place next week. Meredith Layne, Casting Director par excellence, made this whole process a breeze because she “got” what we were looking for and only brought to the table a short list of people she knew could deliver.

Rob will also be vocalizing for Drillbit. There is only one other character in the short - Handycat’s elderly client. We have some really fun notions about casting that part, but as of the moment, nothing’s set.

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darn.. I liked the other design of handycat much better!(not saying that these are bad tho). I especially got caught to the handcat with the yellow around him and without talking, he’s saying “ohhh… yeaah…!” (not that it has any resemblance to the show which he’ll be on called “ohhh…yeaah…! cartoons!) :-P


Well, as you can see from today’s entry, the model has changed already!

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