Hokey Smokes, we got June Foray and Rob Paulsen!

December 19th, 2005

We recorded the Handycat track last Wednesday, and I had the pleasure of directing the incomparable Rob Paulsen and legendary June Foray! The record went smooth and fast � the kind of session everyone likes! There were a lot of laughs, and hopefully Handycat�s funny screaming jags didn�t tax Rob�s voice too much. You can blame us if Carl from �Jimmy Neutron,� or Gordon from �Catscatch� doesn�t sound the same anymore. (Just kidding, I hope…) Rob�s an exceptional actor and working with him was a pleasure!


Here�s Rob Paulsen, Larry Huber, G. Brian Reynolds, me (Russ Harris) and June Foray.

Early on, Larry Huber our Executive Producer suggested June Foray for the Little Old Lady part in our short. June Foray is, of course, a living legend in our industry. She�s been working since she was 12 and is still going strong. When she agreed to do the part, we were very happy! So yes! - that versatile voice behind Witch Hazel and Cindy Lou Who and Bullwinkle�s Rocky the Flying Squirrel (among many others) is playing �Handycat�s� first customer! How cool is that?! Thanks Rob! Thanks June!


June Foray with Rob Paulsen and Larry Huber.

Also paving the way for a smooth recording session were Meredith Layne, our Casting Director, and Michelle our Engineer. Meredith has been on top of everything from the get-go. After we talked a bit about Handycat�s personality, she suggested a list of a few actors that included Rob Paulsen. She was right, and we cast Rob shortly after his audition. Meredith also worked diligently when she knew we wanted to bring June Foray onboard. Thanks, Meredith!


June Foray and Meredith Layne.

Also, how can you make a fun cartoon if you don�t have a technically superb track? Michelle flawlessly recorded every word. Thanks, Michelle!


Michelle at her editing console!

That�s all for now,

Happy Holidays!

~ Russ

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If June Foray read for my cartoon, I would just fall over dead. I doubt I could be in the same room with her because I would become a blubbering, sobbing mass of goo. It owuld be like having Frankie sing at your Bar Mitzvah.


Thanks SpaceGhost2K. The first thing June said when she walked into the recording studio was “Hokey Smokes!” in her Rocky voice. It was a whole lot of fun!
And did you know, that besides being a very sweet lady and talented actor, June Foray is also the creator of the “Annie” Awards?!
Here’s a link:
Thanks for the coments, SpaceGhost2K and good luck to you on your Repitch!


LOL, I heard it as I read it… “Antihistamine money?” Thanks for the well wishes.

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