Voice Inspires Model

January 4th, 2006


June Foray’s voice for Handycat’s customer really gave me a clue as to what I wanted her to look like, and what we ended up with is, I think, a rather unique and fun model! She seems to work well with Handycat, who’s design we’re very happy with after what felt like an interminable struggle.

Russ has the track cut, and as I said when we recorded it, if we can’t get a funny cartoon out of a track this good, then we ought to be hung out to dry someplace.


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Very interesting character deisgn! Looks good!


i am looking atthis for the time and i tiink it lookes GREAT


decided to google my name and this popped up. just curious if you’re name is really tom bridegroom.


You guys must be related! How many Tom Bridegrooms can there be? I know the tom bridegroom from the Jan 4th post, and yes, that’s his real name!


That’s crazy. Where’s he from and how do you know him?


I’ll contact tom and see if he’ll post again. Maybe you guys can swap a story or two.


Russ, i was wondering… Is the style of handycat and all the other characters outline suppost to look like its pencil, or it this just a drawing that was made to show. Like for the final thing, will the lines be perfect black lines on and around the characters?? -Steve

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