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February 1st, 2006

Brian and I arrived back in Indianapolis the day after we recorded the track. Although it was late, I drove by the studio to listened to the some of the raw tracks. I was very pleased. I knew of course, that the track was going to come out long – but I wouldn’t be for sure by how much until after the first edit. We wanted the cut dialogue to run no longer than five minutes. Even though Handycat performs a lot of the action while he’s talking, there still needs to be enough time for the other screen business. When I got home that night, my built-in “focus group�? – three daughters ages 6 to 11 – and my wife Natalie wanted to know how it all went. “It went great!�? I declared, but was actually thinking, “I’ll really know better after I cut the track.�?

The next day, I put the “scissors�? to it and the track came in about five and a half minutes. That’s good, but not good enough. My scissors were still poised - more had to go. We decided to hold off on further track cutting until we built the animatic.


Below is an audio clip of Rob Paulsen and June Foray as Handycat & his first customer.

Handycat & Lady

More Soon

~ Russ Harris

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Amazing, professional, sends chills!! Rob and June are soooo good!


Thanks Mommala. It was a real treat working with Rob and June! They’re terriffic!


Hey guys!

Just a quick “thank you” again for allowing me to be a part of Handycat. It was great fun, although it would’ve been more fun to work with you guys all day. You were a blast! Hope too see ya soon.


Thanks Rob! It was fun, wasn’t it? Take care, buddy! We’ll be seing you soon! BTW -the track sounds GREAT!!

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