Let the Animation Begin!

February 3rd, 2006


Meet Daryl D. Pyle. Daryl is one of the animators who will be bringing Handycat to life. Daryl is working out of our studio and has animated on just about everything we’ve produced over the past few years. Daryl’s wanted to be an animator ever since he was in Pampers, and first came to work at our studio in 1995. He started in the Ink & Paint Dept as a photo copier and cel painter. (Anyone remember cels?) He then moved over to the Camera Dept and operated the Richardson RB300 Animation Stand throughout a couple of productions. (I’ll post a picture of the Richardson sometime – right now it’s buried under empty Dell Computer boxes.) Next he evolved into an Assistant Animator and then about eight years ago - an Animator. This marks Daryl’s first venture into Flash Animation, and he says he’s loving it!

Daryl will be animating a large portion of the scenes traditionally and then importing the art into Flash to be completed.

The link below is a short scene Daryl animated of Drillbit doing a backflip!


Click here to see it in color!

It’s fun walking down the hall and seeing the characters start to move!

More clips and background art styles coming soon!

Stay tooned!

~ Russ Harris

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Thats awsome! Its so exciting looking at the pictures and at that animation!! What exactly is being done in flash?? Are you outlining and coloring in that program, but doing the animation by paper and pencil?? Its really interesting, and is he the only one animating Handycat?? If my cartoon dosent make it (hopefully it does tho) im going to animate it by myself :) … Talk soon! And its looking good! -Steve


Hi Stephen,
Thanks for checkin’ out the animation. You are right. It is animated on paper and ink pen. It is a mix of flash and traditional animation. I am currently the only one animating on the project.

I would encourage you to keep pitching stories to Frederator. It takes persistance and a desire! Keep at it!


Thankyou for the advice! Its amazing having only 1 animator work on it so far. I’d be glad to animate some of it as well ;-) ( http://www.stephenstudios.com - Emails on the site J.I.C. ;) ..) I got past the pitching of my cartoon and onto seeing what Eric and Melissa and Larry think and in about 3 weeks i
ll know what theyre going to do! Thankyou for the encouragement! Take care, and talk soon! -Steve


Nice work, Daryl.


No relation to “Gomer Pyle” by the way. Thanks for your comment! We’ll have more soon!


Looks cool.

You know, I’m glad there’s SOMEBODY in this country who still animated inhouse and not outsource it to Korea (Nothing against outsourced animation, but I prefer animations done inhouse)


Thanks Charles! There’s a handful of the Shorts being animated here in the good ol’ USA. We’re animating one and Renegade Animation in Glendale, Ca. is animating a couple. Check out their website! (www.renegadeanimation.com) They’re terriffic!


The animation and audio are looking great! Okay Russ, looks like Daryl has his toolset figured out - now crack the whip! Deadlines are looming! :)

Have fun!


Thanks Neighbor Guy! Consider the whip cracked! The second animator on HANDYCAT started last week! Check back soon for more animation and audio clips! See ya in the ‘hood!


Hmmm…this may sound weird but the name “Handycat” reminds me of “Houndcats”. It was a Saturday Morning show from 1970s that was produced by Friz Freleng and directed by Robert McKimson. Unlike “Handycat”, HOUND was a parody of Mission: Impossible…familiar with the show?


Thanks Charles! I’m afraid I don’t know much about that show, but the name “Houndcats” did ring a bell as soon as I read it. I believe I read that it was created by Joe Ruby & Ken Spears.


Hi do you rember(who made that stupid word?!)
me? i was in your cartooning class at allisonville elementry? its hard to type ’cause my wrist is sprained


Hey Congratulations! It’s fantastic to see you on the ‘net. I’m baffled and really impressed that you’ve made such a grand leap (climb?) from low/no-budget elementary school “art class” to *this*. Way to go!

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