Art Direction!

February 15th, 2006


Meet Andy Friz. Andy came over last week from Columbus, Ohio. He is doing much of the Art Direction and Layout on HANDYCAT. Andy is another of the talented artists with whom we’ve enjoyed a long relationship. Andy first came to work at our studio as a Background Painter in 1993. He cut his teeth painting backgrounds on many of our productions including the ones in O.RATZ – RAT IN A HOT TIN CAN for the 1995 Cartoon Network’s – What A Cartoon /World Premiere Toons. He currently spends much of his time teaching animation classes at Columbus College of Art and Design and doing freelance animation projects as time allows. We have always admired Andy’s talent, and it’s good to have him working with us again!

Nice work Andy!



In the short, the resourceful Handycat dawns a homemade beekeeper’s suit and uses a bee-smoker.


Which one of Andy’s bee-smokers is not likely to appear in the short?

More Soon!

~ Russ Harris

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Wow those are great backgrounds and props! Quiz: the answer is, the bee who wont appear, is the bee-smoker who will not show up on the final cartoon. Thats the bee! What do i win? :)


Thanks Stephen! You win kudos from me. Thanks for all your great comments! Good luck on your own project!!!


Thankyou Jeff!


Uh……. the one with the thing?


Thanks Finster! BTW are you one of those Finster boys that drive those wild hot rod cars? Those little guys sure look like they’re having fun in all those terrific pictures!

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