Storyboard to Dialogue Track!

February 17th, 2006

Here’s some panels from the original HANDYCAT storyboard. Handycat’s character design changed, but Drillbit pretty much stayed the same.


During the recroding session, I gave the “high-sign�? on the takes I liked, and Meredith Layne, our Casting Supervisor, indicated those takes on the script. The marked-up script is then used for editing the master track – at least the first crack at it. By and large, I kept most of those takes.

Here’s a script page from the recording.


Click below to hear an audio clip from that section of the short! Rob Paulsen plays both Drillbit and Handycat!

Click here

Super job, Rob!

Stayed Tooned! More soon!

~ Russ Harris

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Russ and Brian, I love the production details you’re telling everyone about. Thanks.


Thanks Fred! See you soon!

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