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February 21st, 2006


Animation continues here at HANDYCAT headquarters. We don’t, however, use the Kem to look at it anymore. At 90 feet a minute of screen time, plus tons more for heads, tails, leader and those inevitable retakes, we use to run through a lot of 35mm motion picture film to make a cartoon. Ah, but now that’s all different! As HANDYCAT is being completed in Flash, we’re not using any film. We don’t even talk in terms of “footage�? anymore – we talk in terms of “seconds.�?

Below is a link to a few of those “seconds” for you to enjoy!


Animation clip of Handycat and the Old Lady.

Click here!

More soon!

~ Russ Harris

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Nice Russ! Excellent animation! If you need another animator, just ask! :D. Talk soon! -Steve ( http://www.stephenstudios.com )


Thanks Stephen, I’ll keep your kind offer in mind!


No problem! Im working on an animation of Anne and Jeff crossover, and you can see it when its done, and if needed another animator, you can see if you think im skilled enough :D Talk soon! and take care! -Steve


Thanks Stephen! Right now we have two animators on the project plus Brian. (He’s animating a few scenes himself.) We’ll be doing a post about our second animator soon. I look forward to seing your own animation on Jeff and Anne’s funny crossover piece! Go get ‘em boy!


So I can just imagine the conversation: “Should we color the skirt before we post the clip?” Good for you, guys. I can’t wait to see more.


Hi Eric! Everyone’s been having fun with the colors, for sure! I don’t know if these are Brian’s final choices for the skirt or not, but heck, I never let a little thing like that get in the way of a post! See you soon!


Russ, that is so exciting man. I never get tired of seeing pictures come to life, and there is an extra level of shuddering down my spine listening to those classic voices coming out of your characters. Really, hearing Junes voice/laughter coming out of that little old lady transported me through a 30 year cartoon montage of nostalgia. With warmest regards and serious envy,



Hi Manny, thanks for your kind comments. Your description of June’s voice was exactly how I felt the moment she spoke her first line. It was a real treat working with her and Rob Paulsen both.
Thanks again for the words and good luck to you on Bronk & Bongo. The art you’ve posted is just terrific!


Curious. What’s that cartoon on the kinescope?

I take it animation was murder back when film was still in use.

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