March 2nd, 2006

Which was the name of Walt Disney’s Sunday night television show in the ’60’s when just being in color was a big deal. Well, everything is in color these days, but it’s still a big deal, so we tried a lot of different color combinations on Handycat before we arrived at something we liked. Here are a bunch of the alternatives, with the final (more or less) being the big one in the center. The yellow may change a bit as it doesn’t seem to be too NTSC friendly.


Color is a heck of a lot easier in Flash than it used to be in traditional animation - though I made that a lot more difficult than it needed to be a few years ago. We used to have over 125 colors, each one having to have comp’s mixed for the cel levels. It was a painstaking process that could only be done by hand/eye. What we finally discovered was that at least half of the colors we had that looked so pretty in person, were coming out the same as another color on film, and then, especially on television. So, I did a bunch of tests and cut our color palette to under 60 colors, all of which read distinctly on broadcast television. I found that we could do just about anything we needed to do with the colors on this color wheel.


Now, we’re back to having a lot more colors available to us, but it’s still going to end up back on broadcast television, so I’m in the process of converting the basic color wheel to NTSC and Flash friendly colors, all of which will be used to “paint” all the characters and props in Handycat’s world.

~ Brian

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Brian, i really like the big middle Handycat, just with a tanner color than yellow. the second to last on the right for skin color i think would look really good! _steve


I kinda agree with Stephen, I like him with the blue coveralls you selected, but with more of a tan.


Looks like you guys may be getting your wish - When we started experimenting with coloring a test scene, we found the yellow a bit much… so it looks like a tan is the way we’re going. Russ is going to post the test scene this week sometime.

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