Dog “walla” for Drillbit!

March 7th, 2006



Below is an audio clip of Rob Paulsen recording some dog “walla” for Drillbit.

Walla is a term used for what is normally just a bunch of fairly non-distinguishable adlibs from the actors. In this case Rob Paulsen provides dog walla for Drillbit by barking.

On the clip, you can hear me asking Rob him if he can throw in some panting. Our recording engineer Michelle Smith is also heard as she identifies the clip, and Rob is there barking and panting! I love Rob’s rhetorical question at the end of the take!

Click here!

More Soon!

~ Russ Harris

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Ahha im laughing while listening to that! lol! It sounds like a real dog! Rob is an amazing vocal artist!! Hope all is going well on the animation part as well also. Russ, did you see the animation i made of the MTK Finsters? if not go here http://www.stephenstudios.com/mtk.htm


Hey Stephen! I saw the MTK Finster animation! What fun! Keep up the good work!


Rob is so adorable, his sence of humor is really contageous too. I am pretty surprised at how much he sounds like a real dog!

Can’t wait till you guys finish this animation!!

a random fan!


Hi Valerie! Rob’s a fun guy for sure! We’ll be posting some more animation clips soon so you can see how all this barking of his is coming along! Thanks for your comment!


Ah it’s like being in the booth with you all. Very cozy. Rob’s voice sounds very familiar, was he one of the Animaniacs?

You toon is turning out very cute.


You’re right, Rob was the voice of Yakko and also Pinky in Animaniacs.


Hey again, is there someway to submit fanart? I ask because I’ve seen fanart posted on some of the other up and comming cartoons on this site.



Thanks Takineko! Your fanart is terrific!

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