HANDYCAT - Got A Task? Just Ask!

May 29th, 2006



Handycat’s slogan is really working! And after only six short months in business – he’s finally got his first job!

While Handycat is looking for his second job, the rest of us at the Indianapolis studio are finishing up the animation and preparing for post. It’s always awesome to start seeing a project come together!

Linked below is an animation clip. Enjoy!

Click here!

More soon…

~ Russ Harris

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C’mon Russ!! I coulda animated that!!!! -Steve


Im gettin better and better everyday!


Thanks Stephen! Keep on keepin’on!


Really cute! I lovfe that lil’ dog! Great job guys! (and gals where appropriate!)


We’re all lovin’ Drillbit too! I think Brian’s design on him was perfect! Handycat’s model went through a lot of changes before animation, but Drillbit has stayed pretty much the same since that first sketch. Thanks for your comment Mike, and good luck to you on Flavio! The art you’ve posted is looking great!


Oh no! I can’t see it! D: ??


Hey Takineko V! Try downloading the lastest version of QuickTime at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/win.html - It’s free! Hope that works for you!


Mabye I can see some more of the animation when im in the studio in july :D


–Sounds like a plan! Thanks, Stephen!


Love the artwork! Okay, time for Nick to step it up… I want Handycat on my TV!


Hey Neighbor Guy! I want Handycat on your TV too! Thanks for the super comments!


Yaaay thank u Russ! It works now! I love the colors man!

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