Attitude And A Power Tool

June 8th, 2006


Every good handyman needs power tools, and of course, so do all good cartoon characters from time to time. In fact, several of the Random Cartoon creators felt the uncontrollable urge to include a scene or two featuring a chainsaw.

Click below for a short scene that includes Handycat and his chainsaw. If your media player allows you step through the animation, it’s fun to look at all the bizarre inbetween drawings one by one. This scene was animated by Daryl Pyle.

We’re experimenting with SFX now. The idling chainsaw SFX has been added by our sound guy Keith Myran. Other sound effects for this scene will be layered in later.

Click here!

More soon - Stay tooned!

~ Russ Harris

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Looks great Russ! It’s a fun lil’ scene!


Thanks Mike. Anxious to see more Flavio!






The animatoin seemed alittle weird. Going frame by frame I could see him spinning, but when it played regular it looked like a amish-mosh of drawings with a achainsaw. Just some creative criticism.


Hi Stephen, I think when you see this scene in context with the other scenes around it, it’ll read just fine to you. Thanks much for your thoughts and comments. I always appreciate them!


He looks crazy!


Yeah! And just when you think you know a guy…


I’ve been looking around the Frederator blogs, and I think it is neat that you guys are able to produce your cartoon from Indianapolis. It gives hope for guys like me wanting to make cartoons from places outside LA or New York. Right now, I have a one man design shop in Huntsville, AL. It turns out I will be near Cincinatti visiting family next week, and wondered if I made it over to Indianapolis if I could stop by and maybe talk some shop about how you have done it?


Hey Trevor! We’ve been at this for a while and have some great friends in New York and Hollywood who are always willing to let us “come play” with them. I’d be happy to talk shop with you someday. I’ll be away from the office during the time you mention though. Email the studio (mail@perennialpictures.com) and maybe we can put something together for later. Huntsville, AL; Indianapolis, IN; Burbank, CA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; USA; Korea; Japan, etc. – good cartoons can be made anywhere there’s people who have a passion to make good cartoons! Thanks for the comment!


Russ, Thanks for the reply. I will definitely send you an email. Viva cartoons!


Hey all, how are things? I’ve been rare lately. I need to get over there to see the you all and the product. Just been workin a ton! MEOW!! Hack, hack. Sorry. Hairball.
Stephen Levinson, let’s see some of your animation. Thanks!


Hey Daryl! Stop over anytime!


I will!!! Looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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