The Rough Cut

July 27th, 2006


Handycat was in a jolly mood when the screening of the rough cut started….


After discovering “some of his best scenes” had ended up on the cutting room floor, his mood quickly changed…

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HANDYCAT in BEES-NESS AS USUAL is getting the final polish on the picture this week. We got our notes from Claudia Spinelli of Nickelodeon, and Claudia had some great insight on several of the scenes. Since we’re finishing in Flash, most of the ideas were relatively easy to incorporate - and a couple required reworking some animation. But let me tell you, it was all worth it. Having someone with a keen sense of story telling and visuals look over the product is totally awesome. Claudia won us over from the get-go with her notes on the Handycat storyboard. She was dead-on right with her observations and suggestions as how to bring out the best in these quirky characters. Thanks Claudia!

More art & animation clips soon…
Stay Tooned!

~ Russ Harris

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very very cool!


LOL cute clip.


Rob is hilarious! :D

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