Meet Charlie Cooper

September 15th, 2006


The animation is over, but not the kudos. Another long time friend and colleague, Charlie Cooper also helped with the animation chores on Handycat. Charlie started as an assistant animator at our studio back in 1992. Since that time he’s worked with us in many capacities from head animator to animation director. Charlie has also put some time in at a few Hollywood studios. In 1999 Charlie move to LA and did stints as an animation director on “Dilbert,” and on the first couple of seasons of “Family Guy.” He moved over to Nickelodeon in 2001 and worked on “Invader Zim”, “Fairly odd Parents”, and “The X’s.”


We were happy to find Charlie in a position to lend his talents on Handycat. Thanks Charlie!

Click below for the pencil test and color version of a scene Charlie animated - HANDYCAT walking out from behind his truck sporting a homemade bee-keeper-type suit.


Pencil Test


In Color

More to come!

Russ Harris

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posts like these are the best and everyone should post images and videos like that!!! awesome stuff!


Thanks Stephen.


No problem! check up on my blog for status about my cartoon short that Im working on.. i’ll make posts like this ;-) http://stephenstudios.blogspot.com


Thanks Stephen, I’ll do that!


Great stuff guys! Looking forward to this film!


Thanks Mike! We’re looking forward to seeing Flavio too, and how he’s going to use all those awesome inventions. Funny stuff!


Nice! Kind of reminds me of the FLASH program.


The cartoon is in FLASH. Most of the line art was hand-drawn and then scanned into the FLASH program where it was manipulated, colored and etc. Thanks Takineko V. for the comment.

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