O. Ratz! A Blast From Cartoon Past!

January 27th, 2007

If the above link doesn’t work, see the video here.

I was surfing the internet the other day and found the first short we made for Fred Seibert on YouTube. (Ya gotta love YouTube) O.RATZ in RAT IN A HOT TIN CAN. It was for the What A Cartoon! Series on The Cartoon Network. I remember having a lot of fun making that short. We recorded the dialogue at the old HB studios in Hollywood and then brought the track back to our home studio in Indianapolis to produce. (like we did for HANDYCAT.)

I remember when we were casting, we seem to be having a lot of trouble finding the perfect voice for O.Ratz. Kris Zimmerman, the HB Casting Director at the time, would call us up in Indy and have actors audition for us over the phone. After a few of these fruitless sessions, I was getting a bit frustrated. I wanted the voice to sound like a character Harvey Korman played from the old movie – Blazing Saddles. (Anyone remember that picture?) I wanted the actors to sound like “Hedley Lamarr.” Many tried and some were pretty close.

Anyway we kept reading actors, until it was finally Fred who said (and he probably won’t remember this), “Hey, if you want the character to sound like Harvey Korman, why don’t we just get Harvey Korman?” It never occurred to me see if Harvey would do the short, and if he would, for a price that Hanna-Barbera was willing to pay. So anyway, Kris called up his agent to see. Harvey’s agent told us that Harvey might be available, but would not audition for the part. It was either hire him or not. We assured the agent that auditioning would not be an issue (Little did he know….). So the agent discussed it with Harvey, they worked a deal with HB, and we got the voice we wanted. We were pretty happy campers. Here’s a picture from that recording session.


Pictured are me (Russ Harris), Harvey Korman, Nancy Dussault, Marvin Kaplin and (Jerry) Brian Reynolds

The complete cast and crew credits are listed on our website

Stay Tooned.

Russ Harris

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I remember seeing that short back in the day! Awesome!

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