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Handycat, Drillbit and Rob

February 18th, 2007


Pictured above is Rob Paulsen with June Foray and Larry Huber at the Handycat record.
Rob plays both Handycat and Drilbit (Handycat’s faithful mutt.)
Enjoy Rob’s “Drillbit barks” and a “Handycat scream” in the clips below.

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Fat Tuezday

February 11th, 2007


With HANDYCAT behind us, Brian and I have been experimenting a little bit with some new characters and concepts at the studio. FAT TUEZDAY is one of them. Tuezday is a hippo trying to lose weight. We’re planning a series of these under-a-minute shorts just to see where they might go. Don’t know how many. Don’t know when they’ll be done. Don’t know exactly how they’ll be exhibited.. For now, however, the first FAT TUEZDAY is on our website. Click below to take a look…even if you’ve always been thin!

Fat Tuezday in Walk The Dog

We’ve got a HANDYCAT clip coming up for the next post, so…

Stay tooned.

Russ Harris