Drillbit Pencil Test

March 11th, 2007


Here’s another short Pencil Test from HANDYCAT by G. Brian Reynolds. This one is of Drillbit jumping out of the truck window. Fellow creator Jeff DeGrandis commented that the drawings retain energy in the rough stage. He’s right. There is a special kind of “life” in these drawings that is unique unto themselves. It’s kind of hard to explain. I always enjoy looking at pencil tests and, of course, the finished animation too. Sometimes they feel the same, sometimes they don’t, but the comparison is always interesting.

Here’s scene 77 Pencil Test & Color
(Be patient - the pencil tests take longer to load.)

The O.S. screaming is once again provided by Rob Paulsen. Great lungs, Rob!

~Russ Harris

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awesome animation! The timing is great!


Thanks, Stephen. Do you notice when looking at pencil tests that movement almost always seems a wee bit slower and a little more flowing than when it’s been cleaned up and filled with color? It’s one of those things over the years thata person learns - to compensate for this and try to visualize the end result when looking at the tests.

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