A Cat of A Different Color

March 18th, 2007


Currently our studio is working on a pre-school product featuring a character we developed a few years ago called Crawford the Cat.
This production is in its initial stages, and many processes are underway. Some of the track has been recorded, and the background style and other designs are all but finalized. Below is a background/concept piece for a nighttime scene in the show. It was done by G. Brian Reynolds and was rendered on the Flash stage.


Several other background elements, as well as a short scene are posted on the Perennial Pictures blog.

Click here to take a look.

More soon…

Russ Harris

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Hey Russ, that looks like a cute show!


Thanks Floyd.


Very cool! Cant wait to see more!


Thanks Stephen. I’ll post more soon.


yup - them bg’s are real pretty but i think cartoon cats have to orange, no??


Thanks Todd. Maybe Crawford the Cat could have an orange cousin!

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