Animation and Cycles

March 26th, 2007


Here’s a fun clip from HANDYCAT that features an animated cycle.

The beginning and the end of this scene consist of animation that is only able to be used once. The middle part, however, uses the same cycle of animation several times over - it’s just repositioned. It’s an economical way to get a lot of “mileage” out of a few drawings, yet the scene looks great.

If the controls at the bottom of the video work on your browser, you can step through the animation and see where one cycle ends and the other picks-up.

Click here to see it.


Click here to see it in COLOR.

So there you have it – Animation 101

Russ Harris

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Hey Russ, it looks really great! The coloring in your animation is beautiful! Have you yet locked picture? There’s this one part of the animation that would be easy to fix but if not that’s alright… the 2nd to last step that Handycat hits before he flys up; he lands in the middle of the step. He should probably land at the very edge of the step seeing as while he falls he flys forward a little bit throughout the other steps he falls on. Just a tip but what do I know.. always a fan! -Steve


Thanks Stephen, and thanks for the tip. You have a keen eye.

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