More Pencil Tests

April 8th, 2007


Here’s another pencil test from HANDYCAT. This is Drillbit running up the steps. Animation by G. Brian Reynolds.

Click here to see it.
(Be patient – the pencil test takes longer to load.)


To see how it turned out in color, Click here.

That’s Rob Paulsen doing the voice work and “bark work” for both Handycat and Drillbit. Nice work Rob. Nice work G. Brian.

Regarding other work from our studio, below is a background from the “Crawford the Cat” TV special we have in the works.


There’s more backgrounds posted on the Perennial Pictures site for this show. Click here to take a look.

More soon! Stay tooned!


Russ Harris

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Backgrounds and animation are awesome! How did you know where the steps were when you animated drilbit walking up them?


Hi, Stephen,

There was a pencil layout of the background that the animation was done to. They sometimes get in the way of seeing the action in a rough pencil test and aren’t shot.


I love this stuff, thanks guys.

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