Mixing Animation Technique

April 23rd, 2007


This post includes a sequence of three short scenes by animator Daryl D. Pyle. In them, Daryl mixed a fair amount of hand-drawn animation to that of Flash created animation. In these scenes, the Handycat animation was hand-drawn on paper and was mostly completed outside of Flash. (Note the pegs holes.) The multi-level animation drawings (bodies, heads, arms, mouths) were then scanned-in to the Flash program and put into position on the Flash stage. The bees in the scenes, however, were completely created in Flash and then “animated” by the computer.

See the animation test.


It was interesting to see how far we could go with the computer in a production such as Handycat and keep its “traditional cartoon” feel. Pretty far, actually.

That’s actor Rob Paulsen as Handycat.

See the scene in color.

The new show we’re working on uses much less hand-drawn animation. The style and design of the characters are more “Flash friendly,” allowing the animator to complete more of the animation right in the computer.


To see a few frames of this scene, Click here.

More soon.

Russ Harris

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