Multiplane Camera Effect

April 30th, 2007


At our studio, Perennial Pictures, work continues on “Crawford the Cat.” Above is a screenshot from a scene that uses a simulated multiplane camera effect. I love the way the buildings and rooftops glide past the camera giving the scene a slightly three-dimensional feel.

To see a few seconds of the animation, Click here.


Here is an over-scan of the scene to get a better look at the multiple layers.

Click here to see the unframed animation.


Russ Harris


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That’s really awesome! I love how it makes it look more dimensional!


Thanks Stephen. The multiplane move is subtle, but it just makes a scene more fun to watch. I like it when we can take a regular scene and spice it up a little bit. Thanks again.


very cool russ!


Hey Jeaux, thanks.

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