Animation Continues

May 13th, 2007


This week at Perennial Pictures animation continued on CRAWFORD’S CLASSICS - CINDERELLA as well as some initial work on the sound effects. The promotional trailer for the show will be done in a few weeks so other areas of production are starting to kick in.

The image above is a screenshot from a scene by animator Daryl D. Pyle.

Click here to see the ANIMATION.

Nice work Daryl!

Also this week, composer Peter Schmutte was in to discuss a song for a dance sequence in the show. The process usually goes like this: we discuss; Brian writes some lyrics and a melody line, Peter comes in, makes notes, disappears for a week or so, and then come backs with some great song-demo for us listen to. It’s all pretty amazing to me.

More on Peter and the whole music process in an up coming post.

Russ Harris


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