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May 28th, 2007


Click here for Clip.

At Perennial Pictures ninety-five percent of all the sound effects used in our shows are produced at the studio. Over the years, we’ve built up quite a library.

The above HANDYCAT clip is from a “subtler” section of the cartoon as far as sound effects are concerned - there’s only skids, hops, zips, jumps, rattling, a scream, buzzing, and plops – even so, it still takes a lot of time to determine what type of effect to use –cartoony or realistic – and then to audition the choices in that category, lay them in, and then hope that the director doesn’t ask you to change them.

Keith Myran, who put together many of the sound effects for HANDYCAT, has a pretty good “batting average.” Listen to some of his work as you watch the Clip.

Rob Paulsen is the voice of Handycat.

More on the sound effects, as well as the music, coming up.

Russ Harris

Other HANDYCAT Clips.

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Know what I wish? I wish we had written down somewhere how we DID some of the effects in our library, so we could do them over again with variations or whatever. There’s a particular “body plop” that we used in our Mirthworm shows for them hopping and I have NO idea how we did it!

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