Homage to the Voice Artist

June 10th, 2007



I’ve directed a fair amount of Voice Artists during Perennial Pictures’ history - some for TV commercials, TV specials, TV shorts, and a TV movie. During that time, I’ve developed a profound respect for this exceptional breed of actor. After all, he or she only has their voice to convey all the emotion, spirit and nuance of a script. The seasoned ones, however, don’t just use their voices while recording - they perform with their whole body – right there in front of the microphone. The excitement level for this director gets pretty high when everything starts clicking along.

Over the years, I’ve developed my own “rule of threes” regarding recording sessions – that is, I always have the actors record the script three times – even if I loved the first take. I do this mostly for coverage, but because no two takes are ever the same, I always have alternative reads in case I change my mind. Sometimes I may ask the actor to record a specific line yet a couple more times with different inflections, but that’s usually the limit for me. The HANDYCAT record was an easy one. Rob Paulsen and June Foray are, of course, absolute pros with many years of collective experience between them. The session sailed along.

Thanks again Rob and June for bringing those great personalities to the HANDYCAT characters. I could have recorded with you two all day long!


To watch and listen to a scene with Rob and June, Click here.

Animation by Daryl D. Pyle. Nice work, everybody!

Russ Harris

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Two of the greats right there for sure!!
Thanks for that clip!

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