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Pencil Test for Drillbit the Dog

July 23rd, 2007


This is a pencil test of HANDYCAT’s faithful dog DRILLBIT jumping in circles and barking excitedly. Actor Rob Paulsen provides the voice for both HANDYCAT and DRILLBIT.

During production on “Handycat: Bees-Ness As Usual,” a fair amount of the animation was pencil tested by the animators.

When the tests are first screened, it’s all about whether the action is working and if the timing is okay. It’s not until later, when the hubbub of production is over, that one can begin to appreciate the pencil test in an entirely different light – as an art-form in and of itself. The drawings in the tests seem to have a unique “life” to them, that in my estimation, seldom translates entirely to the final product. Compare for yourself.

To see the Pencil Test, Click here.
(Note: Be patient - the pencil test may take longer to load.)

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The Balloon Cycle

July 16th, 2007


Scenes completed at Perennial Pictures last week on the CRAWFORD THE CAT special included “bunches of buoyant, bouncy balloons” complete with individual strings that track to each one. The animation on the balloon cycle was a little time-consuming when originally done, but because the cycle was going to be used in many scenes, the time was worth it. The balloon cycle has become an “Asset” in our “Library,” and is very easy to add - and scale to size - in the scenes where it’s needed. FLASH is very handy for this kind of reuse.

To see a sequence of scenes with the balloon cycle, Click here.


Russ Harris


Scene Revisions

July 8th, 2007


When we saw the original version of this scene cut into the reel, we didn’t think it looked fancy enough for the introduction of Prince Crawford (Crawford the Cat) at his birthday party. We decided to pull the camera back, add an overlay and dress up the background a little. I think the scene looks great now.

To see a few seconds of the scene, Click here.

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Background Art

July 1st, 2007


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