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“Crawford the Cat” Shorts

January 19th, 2008


Lately at Perennial Pictures we’ve been digitizing the CRAWFORD THE CAT shorts we produced a few years ago on film. All the new CRAWFORD THE CAT projects are produced in Flash, which makes getting them to the internet a little easier.

At this point, 13 “Crawford’s Corner” five-minute videos are now available to watch online. The shorts are educational in nature and are aimed at young audiences, so….. if you have a preschooler or know someone who does, check ‘em out here!


Russ Harris


Catching up with Mary Anne Barothy

November 3rd, 2007


Click to see larger image.

Last night I had the fun experience of catching up with former Perennial Pictures staffer and author Mary Anne Barothy at the signing of her new book “Day at a Time.” Before becoming Director of Publicity for Perennial Pictures (1986-1990), Mary Anne was personal secretary to movie star Doris Day. “Day at a Time” is Mary Anne’s recounting of her time with one of the biggest stars in motion picture history.

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“Crawford the Cat” and “Mr. Men”

September 29th, 2007


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Makin’ It Rain

September 19th, 2007


To see larger image, Click here.

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Color Styling Sets the Mood

August 25th, 2007


Click here to see larger image.

Another screenshot from “Crawford the Cat Classics: Cinderella.”

For this background, G. Brian Reynolds chose dark magentas and browns for the walls and floors to help underscore the feeling of this scene. It’s interesting how color can affect one’s emotional response, and color styling is one of the few tools we have to help indicate the starker plot points in our version of Cinderella. Since the show is geared toward younger audiences, the antagonists can’t be too harsh or too mean. I think the color styling works great to accent what is NOT being said or done by some of the characters.

Nice styling G. Brian Reynolds!

To see some MOS frames of the scene, Click Here!

Russ Harris


CRAWFORD THE CAT goes Latin American

August 19th, 2007


Crawford the Cat’s been brushing up on his Spanish and Portuguese ever since he found out he was going to be part of The National Geographic Channel’s new kid block called “Nat Geo & Me.”

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August 11th, 2007


Here’s another fun background from G. Brian Reynolds. It’s the theatre from “Crawford the Cat Classics - Cinderella” where Crawford the Cat and his friends perform the “classics” – Fairy Tales Classics, that is.

We’re hoping that these gentler retellings of the stories will mesh well with the pre-school audience. From a creative standpoint, it’s not easy to write a softer adaptation of this oft’ times harsh material, and still remain close in flavor to the original, plus keep the show upbeat and energetic. We also have to make sure the characters of Harriet and Crawford remain true to their own personalities while “playing roles” in these other shows. No lines can be written for them that they couldn’t have said in the 13 “How To” shorts that are already made and are telecasting in international markets.
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A Voice for Harriet the Hare

August 1st, 2007


Voice Over Actress, Lisa Buetow was in last month to record some additional Harriet the Hare /Cinderella lines for “Crawford’s Classics – Cinderella.” Lisa has worked with the Perennial Pictures on several productions over the years, including her role as the Mother Swan in ”The Ugly Duckling’s Christmas Wish” - a TV movie Perennial Pictures made in 1996. Lisa also performed multiple voices in a couple of half-hour TV specials we produced earlier called ”Jolly Old St. Nicholas”
and ”Jingle Bell Rap.”
When we developed the character of Harriet The Hare for the ”Crawford’s Corner” shorts, we knew Lisa would be perfect for the part due to that special brand of gentleness she can bring to a performance. Thanks Lisa!

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Pencil Test for Drillbit the Dog

July 23rd, 2007


This is a pencil test of HANDYCAT’s faithful dog DRILLBIT jumping in circles and barking excitedly. Actor Rob Paulsen provides the voice for both HANDYCAT and DRILLBIT.

During production on “Handycat: Bees-Ness As Usual,” a fair amount of the animation was pencil tested by the animators.

When the tests are first screened, it’s all about whether the action is working and if the timing is okay. It’s not until later, when the hubbub of production is over, that one can begin to appreciate the pencil test in an entirely different light – as an art-form in and of itself. The drawings in the tests seem to have a unique “life” to them, that in my estimation, seldom translates entirely to the final product. Compare for yourself.

To see the Pencil Test, Click here.
(Note: Be patient - the pencil test may take longer to load.)

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The Balloon Cycle

July 16th, 2007


Scenes completed at Perennial Pictures last week on the CRAWFORD THE CAT special included “bunches of buoyant, bouncy balloons” complete with individual strings that track to each one. The animation on the balloon cycle was a little time-consuming when originally done, but because the cycle was going to be used in many scenes, the time was worth it. The balloon cycle has become an “Asset” in our “Library,” and is very easy to add - and scale to size - in the scenes where it’s needed. FLASH is very handy for this kind of reuse.

To see a sequence of scenes with the balloon cycle, Click here.


Russ Harris