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July 27th, 2006


Greetings True Believers!

The British writer Aldous Huxley once said, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” After hearing the works of composer Geoff Levin, I couldn’t agree more.

I’d like to welcome Hero Heights’ newest resident, Academy Award Nominated composer of the feature film “The Janitor” and the Nickelodeon series “Chalk Zone” Geoff Levin. He is currently composing the score for our cartoon and believe me when I tell you, it sounds fantastic! In the six minutes and forty seconds Bill and I have been given to make our cartoon, we’ve managed to cram it full of conflict, emotion, character, exposition and resolution. It wasn’t an easy task but so far so good. Scoring this cartoon would be quite a challenge to the average composer, but Geoff Levin is not your average composer. This gentle soft spoken fellow is a true master of his craft.

We spent a few days with Geoff in his studio and were amazed at his incredible virtuosity. We explained to him what kind of music we wanted and within minutes, he roughed out the Hero Heights theme! Geoff was on the same page as us and what resulted was pure magic. Now Hero Heights as we all know is a suburban community where everyone has superpowers, so naturally we wanted powerful superheroey type music. But Hero Heights is also about children who use their powers for everyday mundane kid stuff. So now the mundane has become the fantastic. Geoff gave us something that is a cross between Superman, Back to the Future, Napoleon Dynamite and Boccerini. I know it sounds weird but trust me when I tell you, the music Geoff has created for Hero Heights is awesome. Geoff to kept the score unified and it works better than Bill and I could have ever dreamed. We can’t wait to hear the final score which Geoff will finish in the next week or so.

Check out Geoff’s cool website where you can hear a sample of his work and scope out his credits.

Geoff’s website

That’s all for now kiddos, so until next time, this is Raul Aguirre Jr. and Bill Ho saying “Excelsior!”

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I can’t wait to see the finished cartoon! I checked out Geoff’s web site and it rocks. Is there any musical style this guy can’t do?


We can’t wait to show you “Hero Heights” either Ernie! Yeah, his website is pretty awesome. And the only thing Geoff CAN’T play is bad music!


Gee thanks for the quick reply Bill. BTW you look studly in those pictures. Are you a capricorn by any chance? Do you like movies with gladiators?


Then how do you feel about Virgos Ernie? Or prison movies?


GBM! Is that you?!! I haven’t seen you since the Madonna concert! Have you gotten that rash taken care of? Toodles!

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