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Hero Heights

Hero Heights In Living Color

January 31st, 2006


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The Long and Short of it.

January 19th, 2006


Hola Amigos!

Six minutes and forty seconds. That’s how much time each creator has been given to tell their story. It seems like plenty of time doesn’t it? Maybe it is, if you just want to string a bunch of gags together. But that just isn’t my style. Bill and I want to craft a complete story with a beginning, middle, and an end. We want to introduce the audience to a completely new world, full of engaging characters and compelling situations with an awesome payoff at the end. The catch is we have to do it in less than seven minutes.

So in the process of making Hero Heights, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. The story is the single most important thing. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Bill and I could have come up with the most hysterical gag involving Strikeout and a bicycle pump; a gag so funny that it [Read more…]

Hero Heights’ newest residents.

January 12th, 2006


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Happy Holidays From Hero Heights!

December 26th, 2005


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December 13th, 2005


Greetings True Believers!

We sure had a busy week at Hero Heights! My cohort Bill Ho and I have been hard at work making sure Hero Heights is the best animated short we can make! Last Thursday I had the pleasure of directing the voice recording session, and it was fantastic! Above is a snapshot of our cast. In the front row from left to right is Bill Ho, Jessica DiCicco (Smart Alec), Karen Malina White (Mindy 500), Annie Mumolo (Strikeout), Hynden Walch (Olympia) and Becky Thyre (Electrisha). And as the entire back row you have myelf Raul Aguirre. One thing that Bill and I noticed is that female voice actresses are very tiny. I mean I’m a big guy as it is, but around our cast I felt like Gandalf among the Hobbits. I’d also like to take this moment to thank our awesome Casting Supervisor Meredith Layne. She did [Read more…]

The Creation Of Dude and other stuff.

December 2nd, 2005


Greetings True Believers!

There’s been alot of doin’s a transpirin’ here at Hero Heights central over the past week. But first things first. The image above is a watercolor painting I spent a couple of days on. This piece marks the first time the cast of Hero Heights has been colored! The reason I painted it was for the Oh Yeah gallery. The “Don” of the Oh Yeah Family Fred Seibert wants a piece of artwork from every creator to hang on the walls at the studio. So there you have it. I had a great time painting it! I’ve had the idea to paint it since last summer when I spent a month travelling Europe, where I got to see Michelangelo’s Creation Of Man from the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I thought to myself, “Self, how can you take this brilliant world famous masterpiece of fine Renaissance art and [Read more…]

The Official Guide to the Hero Heights Universe.

November 28th, 2005


Hey Folks! It’s been a while since we posted. But we’ve been really busy what with our re-pitch and everything! It turns out we may be running a little long on the short, so we may have to chop it down to size.

But before we make any drastic changes we are going to make a rough animatic. Which means we will be syncing up the storyboard art to a scratch recording of the dialogue. Last week I went into the recording booth and belted out all the lines from the script. It was fun but exhausting! Hats off to voice actors! They really work hard for their money! Bill had a good time directing me from outside the booth.

I also did a rough slug of the boards. Which basically means I determined how many frames of screen time each drawing would get. Some panels were held for as long [Read more…]


November 14th, 2005


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November 8th, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the stars of HERO HEIGHTS, Smart Alec, Strikeout, and Olympia! It’s been over a week and we figured it’s about time we showed you what they look like. It was hard to choose which image to post from the thousands of drawings we’ve done for HERO HEIGHTS but we feel this one should be perfect for the unveiling. We haven’t done anything in color yet, so don’t even ask!


November 7th, 2005

Hey folks! It’s the start of week two of production on Hero Heights and already we have a “GREAT MOMENTS IN ANIMATION” moment. Last Friday Bill and I met with our almighty and exalted Executive Producer, Larry Huber. He’s an industry veteran who’s been around since the days of Windsor McCay and is our Yoda here at Oh Yeah! We had a few questions about our storyboards and he was more than happy to help a couple of punks out. I mentioned to a smiling Larry that I come from a mainly Feature Animation background and I had a few concerns about working with LIMITED animation. Larry’s smile vanished and was replaced by a look of disbelief coupled with anger. Like if I had just farted. He sprang out of his chair and cried out “LIMITED ANIMATION?!! LIMITED ANIMATION?!!! How dare you use that term to describe what we do?!!! [Read more…]