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A Day With ZAN-TAR

October 30th, 2005


Friday was a blast - and splat! - and a howl - and a scream (multiple screams in fact) and it had nothing to do with Halloween.

Friday we recorded Jeff Bennett’s lines for Zan-Tar, our ego-centric jungle man, who meets his match in Hornswiggle.

Pop Open the Champagne!

October 25th, 2005


We record on Wednesday, so Team Hornswiggle is preparing the script, tightenting the dialogue, addressing network notes.

So who’s who in our cast? We have parts for four voices. Today I’ll tell you about two of them:

Maurice LaMarche is Birdsdorf - you know him best as “The Brain” on PINKY & THE BRAIN, but Maurice is a man of a million voices and has had major parts in literally hundreds of cartoons.

Jeff Glen Bennett is Zan-Tar- best known for his voice of “Johnny Bravo”, this guy is another vocal chameleon - his Zan-Tar is just what I wanted.

Two down, two to go. Next post I’ll give you the rest.


October 21st, 2005


We record next week! We are going over the boards and making a dialogue script for the actors. We are looking for everyplace to add vocal effects - we may not need ‘em, but it’s better to over-record in case we need a sound rather than call the cast back for pick-ups.

Above, Hornswiggle is looking for some cough lozenges.

Now in glorious COLOR!

October 18th, 2005


I couldn’t help showing off this image in color.

(Yes, I know… I’ll try to post larger images… )

Hearing Voices

October 14th, 2005


That’s Hornswiggle dressed up like his hero Zan-Tar.

Not ready to announce our cast yet - but I think we’ve found our voice actors among the auditions we held yesterday.

Nickelodeon has a nice little recording studio on premises. I’d never been in it before yesterday. It had free candy and fruit. That’s all I seem to recall - other than the great talent that came in to read for the various parts.

Oh, Pen Ward (”Adventure Time”) came by to watch at the very end.

Spent the afternoon with G7 (Rich Arons, Tom T. and Tom Sito) brainstorming ideas on what the main title card would look like. Ten seconds on screen, but a very important ten seconds.

Board Approved!

October 12th, 2005


Two strange panels from our storyboard - yes, that’s a guy in an iron lung giving a take!

Our storyboard got a great reaction today. I can breathe easier. Wednesday Team Hornswiggle will auditions voices.

A Big Week Ahead

October 8th, 2005


Above, “CHEATER” after his first encounter with HORNSWIGGLE.

Big week coming up for HORNSWIGGLE. The final storyboard will be presented Tuesday, and we hold our voice auditons on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend. Go see WALLACE & GROMIT. It’s great.


October 5th, 2005


CHEATER is Zan-Tar’s monkey sidekick. He has a very small part in this picture. He has no speaking lines.

But he looks cool.

Don’t Forget to Brush!

October 4th, 2005


Take a tip from Hornswiggle and always bush your teeth - and keep your horn shiny.

The problem with Frederator Studios in Burbank is that someone keeps bringing in a fresh assortment of donuts and bagels every morning - and my office is right next to the kitchen.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’s just that I anticipate major weight gain by the time my project is done…

Meanwhile, storyboarding continues…