Board Approved!

October 12th, 2005


Two strange panels from our storyboard - yes, that’s a guy in an iron lung giving a take!

Our storyboard got a great reaction today. I can breathe easier. Wednesday Team Hornswiggle will auditions voices.

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Hi Jerry,

Congrats on your board approval! How different was your board from the pitch board that was presented for your greenlight? And can you tell us how you pitched the final board? Who’s in the room? Are the panels pinned to the wall? Do you act out the characters? Details, baby! I’m trying to encourage all the creators to draw a better map so that blog readers may follow the action.


[i]”Details! I want details!”[/i]

In my case, I originally pitched using literally ten (or so) rough drawings to illustrate the story. I’d recommend a few more (at least 15 or 20).

What I pitched on Tuesday was a complete 118 page (three panels to a page) rough production storyboard! Quite a difference!

The board was 99% drawn by Tom Sito. I pitched it, acting out all the character voices and made sound effects. I had the classic classroom pointer in my hand - I felt like Walt Disney or Tex Avery for 15 minutes. What a high!

In addition to myself, in the room was my director Rich Arons, G7 Animation headman Tom T. and our production assistant Liz Lee - and from Frederator: development heads Eric Homan & Melissa Wolfe, Exec Producer Larry Huber, Line Producer Therese Trujillo, Production manager Jack Kinman, business guy Kevin Kolde, and Nick exec Claudia Spinelli. (I might have forgotten someone, but you get the idea - the room was packed). Seriously, all these people are GREAT.

In addition to the 118 storyboard pages, we also had black & white line art of the key characters in different poses and several (maybe five) color keys for the background designs mounted (pinned) on the wall - as well as one image of our characters in full color.


Thanks!!! Interesting stuff!

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