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November 30th, 2005


Hornswiggle is packing his bags and going to Korea on Friday.

Jerry Beck is also packing his bags and going back to Hollywood on Friday.

Hornswiggle is being animated during the next 12 weeks. It’ll be exciting to see this cartoon come to life (several scenes in pencil test are expected to appear in late January and in February). Music, sound effects, and Final Mix scheduled for March & April. Oh boy!

This is NOT the final post on this blog. I plan to post more photos and art in the ensuing months…

It’s been great fun, met some great people and made some new friends during my 3 months in-house. I hope to appear at some of the Town Hall meetings in the ensuing months.

One thing I can say, in all sincerity, is that this show (OH YEAH! CARTOONS or whatever they wind up calling it) will be the best season [Read more…]


November 22nd, 2005


At our last OH YEAH “Town Hall” meeting it was suggested we register a domain name for our character. Good idea! I have now done so.


November 15th, 2005


HORNSWIGGLE is being prepped for production. The timing and track reading is in progress.

I’m also preparing the official HORNSWIGGLE publicity postcard.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the previous 100+plus Oh Yeah/Frederator postcards - buy this book:

Original Cartoons: The Frederator Studio Postcards 1998-2005 edited by Eric Homan & Fred Seibert.


November 7th, 2005


Hornswiggle is being voiced by veteran actor Rene Auberjonis.

Rene came in to audition for BIRDSDORF, but while we had him in the recording booth we had him try out for HORNSWIGGLE as well. His take was original and impressive - totally off the cuff and hilarious.

You may know Rene from his various roles - as Odo on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE or from Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H, or his current role on BOSTON LEGAL.

Or you may know his voice from various cartoon series - such as Xiaolin Showdown, Justice League - or animated features such as THE LITTLE MERMAID (as Chef Louie), CATS DON’T DANCE and LITTLE NEMO.

His unique vocals on HORNSWIGGLE are nothing like any of those. In fact, in my humble opinion, this may be the greatest performance ever given by an actor — as a rhino.

By the way, his last name is pronounced o-ber-jen-waah.

In Praise of EARL

November 4th, 2005


The photo above was taken at the Annual Asifa Hollywood ANNIE AWARDS event I believe two or three years ago. The fellow at left is Leonard Maltin, the guy without a tux at right is yours truly. The guy in the middle is Earl Kress.

I enlisted Earl to write HORNSWIGGLE because I needed the script to have a classic cartoon feel - and no one is better suited to this task than he. I had written the original story with my pal Bill Vallely, but Earl wrote and re-wrote (several times) the final draft, strengthening the concept (and adding much to the humor) with each successive rewrite.

In case you haven’t heard of Earl Kress, let me point out a few of his many many credits. Earl started out at Disney Feature Animation, working on THE FOX AND THE HOUND and other material during those choatic days pre-Michael Eisner. He became [Read more…]

Hello NURSE!

November 1st, 2005


An encounter with Hornswiggle could be hazardous to your health - and this one ends up in a hospital.

When my friend Cheryl Chase asked me if there were any parts for women in my short Hornswiggle I told her that their weren’t. But I had forgotten we had a super-small part for a Nurse at the end of the film.

So I called Cheryl back and offered her the part of the Nurse without an audition. No need to. Cheryl has been one of my best friends for 17 years and she’s best known as the voice of “Angelica” on Nickelodeon’s RUGRATS.

I met Cheryl in 1988 when I was casting for voices for the original English dub of Miyazaki’s MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (I was a producer of the dub). Cheryl got the part of Mai, and we’ve been buddies ever since. After TOTORO, I introduced Cheryl to John K. when [Read more…]